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 I have read and agreed to application guide How to use in-flight Wi-Fi
Friendly Reminder
1.From now on, passengers who have purchased tickets for flights operated by China Eastern Airlines (CEAIR) or Shanghai Airlines with ticket number starting with 781 (please pay attention to the flight marked with Wi-Fi logo when you purchase tickets) are eligible to apply for the inflight Wi-Fi service worth RMB 258 for free through CEAIR’ official website (www.ceair.com) or on the airplane. The inflight Wi-Fi service applied is only valid during the flight.
2.Passengers may apply for the inflight Wi-Fi service at the official website and APP of CEAIR in 30 days before the departure. The number for application for each flight is limited to 100. First come, first served.
3.Any temporary change in inflight Wi-Fi service may occur as a result of any unpredictable circumstances (e.g. equipment maintenance, system upgrading and aircraft dispatch or rerouting). The actual inflight Wi-Fi service is thus subject to the actual conditions of a flight.
4.The devices that give passengers access to inflight Wi-Fi services include the cell phones, laptops and tablets with airplane mode. These devices enable the availability of services (except in voice and video formats) covering webpage surfing, instant messaging, and receipt & submittal of e-mails. For the rules on enjoying inflight Wi-Fi services, please follow the instructions from the crew.
5.After success of application for inflight Wi-Fi services, the verification code will be sent via SMS to mobile phone specified at application. Please keep track of the verification code and keep it properly. The verification code is only used for the passenger himself or herself in the current flight. The code is pegged to the passenger’s personal information and cannot be transferred to another passenger. Each verification code is limited to only one independent device.
6.CEAIR inflight Wi-Fi service is enabled by satellites. However, the network may be interrupted in any circumstances including weather, aircraft position, flight above polar area, satellite switchover, and limitation on browser/dedicated VPN. We are sorry for any interruption caused by any of the above circumstances. Presently, our system supports the cell phone’s operating systems no lower than iOS 9, MacOs X 10.9, Android 4.4, or Windows 7, the browsers no lower than Safari 8, Chrome 42, Firefox 38 or IE 11. CEAIR hereby claims it will not be held liable for the loss, delay or error of any data that arises in its supply of inflight Wi-Fi service. At the same time, the actual access speed of such interconnectivity will be affected by such factors as the number of users and the condition of satellite signal.
7.To assure the safety in flight and communication, the user of our inflight Wi-Fi service must comply with CAAC regulations and related laws and regulations on communication, and follow the directions by crew members. Presently, our inflight Wi-Fi system does not allow any user access to the websites where a user may access stream media programs, play online games, download and upgrade software, upload and download the tools, IT products, and updates of Apple and Android operating systems. To the extent legally permitted on network use, CEAIR will follow the laws or regulations (e.g. Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Telecommunications) to offer the services related to network application. Meanwhile, it must be noted that some network applications are prohibited according to China’s laws or regulations on telecommunications. In consideration of flight and telecommunication safety, CEAIR has the right to temporarily or completely disenable the inflight Wi-Fi services.
8.To apply for inflight Wi-Fi service, the passenger needs to input the number of the cell phone designated to receive his/her verification code. Please ensure the authenticity and validity of the information to be input. Application for inflight Wi-Fi service means that you have allowed CEAIR to use the information you previously set at the moment of the aforesaid application, on the designated receiver and the Eastern Miles membership. Additionally, CEAIR guarantees that it will use the personal information on the designated information receiver when it has been permitted by such receiver.
9.When flying on CEAIR aircraft, the passenger needs to input his/her verification code before being allowed to log onto the network. The passenger’s consent to passing such verification is deemed as consenting to CEAIR’s use of his/her personal information.
10.The personal information or data that CEAIR collects for an inflight Wi-Fi service is only used for handling the request and verification relating to such service. CEAIR will not collect any personal information irrelevant to such service
11.For further questions or suggestions, please dial CEAIR customer hotline 95530.